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Linkedin Talents is a professional networking platform that allows its users to find jobs or potential employees, consultants and business partners. Linkedin Talents allows users to maintain their own blogs, tweets to share with community, news updates from industry. Linkedin Talents is all about you and the world around you, grea tway to connect with people, express yourself and discover whats happening in different indsutries. Linkedin Talents believes that your success ultimately depends on your network of contacts and thep latform opens a whole new world of opportunities to you.

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We have been operating in the Middle East for the last 22+ years. It is the result of our hard work only that today we are having 20+ products and services. Our head office is based in Dubai and our branch office is located in Egypt. We have highly qualified staff members employed in each branch who are the most qualified within recruitment industry and have well known identity in the world of recruitment. Keeping up with the latest trends of the fast growing world and offering experience for more than one decade, we have created this platform which can be used to build a network of professionals, share contacts and knowledge, find jobs, connect with potential clients, attend networking events, and more. You can join groups on the site, maintain your own blog to share with the community, list goods and services in the marketplace and more. Joining Linkedin Talents is free and takes only a few seconds.

Joining Linkedin Talents is free and takes only a few seconds.





Deal with professionals in single platform. Assemble your own professional network. Share knowledge and opportunities with others.

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