How to Track An iPhone Using Android

If you've lost your phone help could be at hand in tracking it down.

How to Find My Phone: Track a Lost Android Phone or iPhone

But note that the solutions offered in this tutorial will require your phone to be switched on in order to give you an accurate idea of its location, and to access options to remotely lock or wipe it. If your battery runs out or your phone is stolen and switched off, you may be out of luck. For that reason it's imperative that you back up everything now, just in case you can't get it back. Below we'll consider the options built into each major mobile operating system to explain how to track your lost or stolen phone. For each of these you will need to be signed into either your Google or Apple account on the phone before you begin.

Some third-party options are also available.

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If you have several devices spanning multiple platforms, it's worth considering an option such as this that lets you track them all from a single interface. Read up on how to track lost laptops and smartphones with Prey. Features Tutorials Demo Support Pricing. Trank and Spy on Android Phone Spyzie is by far the easiest cell phone monitoring service available since the company has gone out of their way to make an effortless experience for their customers.

Some of the key features are listed below; Communication Data As you would expect from a leading cell phone tracking service, the first thing you can do is monitor, track and record all kinds of communication that the Android device makes.

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  • Location Tracking Surprisingly to many, you can even track the real-time location of the device using GPS technology and remotely, meaning you can see exactly where the device is at all times of the day, no matter where you are in the world. Record Surround One of the most unique features that Spyzie has is the ability to switch on the microphone of the device to start recording the surroundings.

    This is ideal for picking up conversations and making sure that the target is speaking to the people they say they are speaking too.

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    Other Features There is a tonne of features that Spyzie has that you can explore and use as you please, all directly from your iPhone. These include taking live screenshots on the device without the user knowing, monitoring the time the user spends on their device, including app usage time and even record and monitor all social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat.

    How to find a lost Android phone

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