How to Track a Cell Phone Quickly Of Someone Stolen

Any settings that you change on your device will take effect the next time the phone is online. Track your phone online. If your iPhone has been stolen, you can track its physical location online at www.

Find a lost Android phone

This will bring up a map showing the current location of your phone. This will disable the login mechanism, and make it so that the individual who stole your phone will not have access to any of your personal data or contact information. This will cause your phone to ring at its maximum volume for 5 minutes, unless you choose to turn off the Ring setting before that. The Ring function is useful if you suspect that someone may have taken your phone by accident or that the loud ringing will help you or another individual find your phone nearby.

Download a tracking app from the Google Play or Apple store. If you prefer not to use the Android Device Manager function to track your phone if it goes missing, you can also download one of many available tracking apps from the Google Play Store. You should simply report this to the police and your service provider.

Without a GPS turned on, there is not much you can do. Your service provider should be able to track down the phone when it is making calls and sending texts. Call the police and tell them where it is. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Inform the police and your service provider. There is not much you can do if it's turned off, so the best thing you can do is try to shut down the plan connected to your phone and erase all data from it.

Not Helpful 22 Helpful See if your service provider has a "family locator" service, or you can use another app such as CM Security Find Phone. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Use the Find My iPhone app. It can be accessed from any Apple device and will help locate the phone. If that doesn't work contact your service provider.

How to find your phone: Track and locate your lost Android phone

Not Helpful 26 Helpful In that case, you can use the "Find my Phone" features in the article as these can usually be accessed through web browsers. You can access those features with either a laptop or desktop computer. Not Helpful 25 Helpful Set the numbers you don't want calls from to blacklist. It also prevents the phone from making any Apple Pay purchases.

Putting your phone in Lost Mode should be enough to prevent a thief from accessing it.

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But if your handset has made its way to a location you've never visited, and you're worried that your data will fall into the wrong hands, you can employ the Erase iPhone option as a last resort. This will remotely wipe everything on your device. So if your phone never makes its way back to you, you'll know that your data is safe.

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On the other hand, if you do get your hands on it again, you can restore the device from an iTunes or iCloud backup. Android devices have their own version of the Find My iPhone option. Make sure the top two options are set to on. Once you've enabled them, you will be able to locate and, if necessary, remotely wipe your Android device should it go missing.

Some Android manufacturers put their own phone finder apps on their devices. For example, Samsung has a program called Find My Mobile. But as long as you've registered a Google account on your phone and you won't forget or lose the password , then you should be able to use the native option. As with iPhones, you need to switch on your Android device's location services. To check, go to Location in Settings.

How to find your lost phone with Google and its own services

If you lose track of your Android, your game plan should be very similar to that of a lost iPhone owner. First, head to google. Sign in to your Google account, and you can see a map that reveals exactly where your phone last reported its position from. Here's another neat trick: Head to the main Google page and type "where's my phone? As long as you're logged into your Google account, this will open the same phone-showing map. In addition to revealing your Android device's location, this page gives you another three options.

You can get the phone to ring, even if it's set to silent, which might help you work out which sofa cushion it's fallen under. The ringing lasts for five minutes, which should give you plenty of time to sift through the dirty laundry or grope around under the bed. Just remember that the location on the map shows the phone's location when it last connected to the internet. So if the battery died in your apartment, before someone moved the phone, you won't find it nearby even if the map insists that it's right next to you.

Check the info panel to figure out just how long it's been since the Android's last check-in. The two other options let you lock and wipe the phone remotely, the same options you get with the equivalent Apple service. Use the lock option and set a message to appear on the lock screen if you think someone might pick up the phone and return it to you.

How To Find A Lost Phone Or Track The Phone Of Somebody Else

As the name already implies, resetting a phone brings it back to its factory settings. A more realistic thing you can do is to block your phone so that no one can use it to make calls, send texts or use the web. To do so, the best thing is to contact your provider. This code should work on most phones. The only needed thing in this scenario is that your phone keeps an internet connection. This can have many reasons. Your phone could be off, disconnected from the internet or your Google account. I recommend that you keep trying to locate your phone every half hour or so.

Your phone might have a bad connection or someone else turns it on and connects to the web. Do you still have unanswered questions?

We received a lot of emails, tweets and comments the last months from people that found their phone thanks to this article. Both tools can be a great help when you lose your device. With Find My Device you can track your device, make it ring and erase its data. Location history shows you the last recorded locations on a map. Quite a lot of people already use lock screens to keep unwanted people from accessing private files like images, texts or videos. It also prevents thieves of changing any major settings such as disabling mobile data or disconnecting your phone from your Google account.

Have you been able to get back your mobile device after it got lost? How did you get it back? Share your experience with us in the comments! Are you interested in more Android related guides? Track and locate your lost Android phone.

Find a lost iPhone

How do you find your Android phone? Let us show you how. Your device has access to the internet. This can changed in the Google Settings app. Your device has or had access to the internet before it was turned off. Location Reporting and Location History need to be activated on your device can be done in the Google Settings app on your device.

Use Google Photos to find your stolen Android device Requirements: Someone needs to take pictures with your lost device. Assuming all those requirements are met, what do you need to do? Here it is, step by step: Check if any pictures were taken after your device was stolen. If yes, then click on the image.