How to Track Lost Android Phone Using Imei Number

However, Waze also has the function of adding your friends. Whenever your friends are using Waze, it will automatically tell you where they are, and their location is shown on a map. You can also share your location with them as well. The good thing about Waze, it will track you or your friend on real time.

How to Track Lost Android Phone in 5 Ways

You can also even chat with your friend using Waze. Once installed, open the App Step 2 The first menu would be the real-time map menu where you will be shown your location.

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Swipe left to enter the Waze menu. Step 4 Your friends that are currently using Waze will appear online here. Step 6 If you plan to meet your friend.

How to locate your phone using Google

WhatsApp is probably one of the best instant messaging application available in the market. It is used by most people as a way to send and receive messages to your friends and families. You can also send files and video using WhatsApp to your friends. Read here more if you want to know what other things you can do with WhatsApp. However, you can also use WhatsApp to send your location to your friends or vice-versa.

Read here on some the top tips in using WhatsApp.

Locate your phone in your house using Google Home

Here are five simple steps how you can track the location of your friends using WhatsApp. Open your WhatsApp and open a conversation box with the friend you want to share the location. Step 4 Tap here to send your location. It will also show your location on the map.

Learn how to track your phone

Step 5 Your location will then be shared with your friend. Your friend can then use the geo-data that you shared to track and find you. Read here more if you want to know how to track your lost iPhone. The app is also very easy to use. Here are the steps you can use to track the location of your friends using your iPhone.

How to Track Stolen Phone? IMEI Tracking? Find IMEI of Stolen Phone? What to do?

However, this only valid with your friends that have an iPhone. They also need to permit their location can be discovered by you. You can also share your location to your friend by sending your location using this app 5.

How to use IMEI number to track your lost Android phone

If you are a Facebook messenger, you probably have noticed some of the notification where your friends are nearby. Or Facebook can also notify where your friend is attending an event near you. Facebook Messenger also utilizes the same technology so that you can share your location with your friends. Here are the steps on how you can share your location using Facebook Messenger.

Step 1 Before you can share location, you need to enable your location service. Step 3 You will be given three choices. Step 4 Open the conversation chat box with the friend you want to share the location with.

5 Ways on How to Track Lost Android Phone

You can also enable the location for a certain time until it expires Max 1 hour So, there you have it. The top 5 effective ways on how you can track your friends using different apps available in the market. Be sure to check our previous article on what to do if you lost your phone. Please leave a comment on whether you have tried some of the apps here to help track your friends.

We have gotten a lot of requests from our visitors asking us to track their phone. It is very unfortunate that we could not help due to the fact that we are not providing that kind of services to track your phone. However as to keep to our tagline and that is to help you learn how to track your phone, we decided to give you the ultimate guide on the steps you need to take once you have that dreaded experience of losing your phone. First you need to go to the police station in your area and file a FIR that your mobile phone is stolen.

They will then help you track the mobile phone location. They will also block the mobile phone, making it useless until it is found. Once you find it, you can request your service provider to white-list it again. This procedure will work even if the SIM card of the phone is changed because all service providers use the same blacklist database.

This free app is great, but the only problem is that it contains ads that you have to watch. Unluckily, you cannot skip the ads, if the video is not yet loaded, you will not be able to go to the next step. A small window with a list of places will appear, indicating the location and the close proximity of your phone. There are also some important anti-theft functions that you should know about.

To protect your device further — and before the theft — you should set the PIN number and remember it. If you prefer using a computer, you may be interested in How to track your lost Android Phone on the PC. The article is an instruction on how to use Android Service Manager to track a lost phone. Embedded on the handset, an IMEI number is difficult but possible to be changed for thieves with professional tools. Once it is changed, a phone is no longer identified as the same by the network. Get acquainted with your IMEI number beforehand, and never wait till it is too late after your phone is stolen or lost.

Report your IMEI number to the police, ask the service provider to block all services of your lost phone as soon as possible. Exquisite Fast Outdoor Sharpening Stone. Country-based mobile phone network frequency bands coverage guide.