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If the party was one at a public place then your cell phone might be lost forever. You might want to go back to the place where the party was and see if you can find it. If the GPS tracking in your cell phone is on, then I would recommend that you get into contact with the service that you are using. Most GPS cell phone tracking services are done online and all you have to do is log on and find out the location of your phone like you normally would. I know that you said that the GPS tracking is on, but are you sure that this is the case? Just having your GPS turned on will not allow you to track your mobile phone.

Instead, you generally need to have had installed special GPS tracking software onto your phone that will allow your phone to be tracked. There is plenty of free software available for certain cell phones, but there are also many different paid options as well. If you have installed one of these services on your phone, your phone is on, and your GPS tracking application is on then you will be able to find out where your lost cell phone is.

If your house is small then you should have a much easier time finding your lost cell phone than if your house was large. The first thing that you might want to do is have a friend come over and repeatedly call your phone until you find it. This will work great as long as the phone is on and is set on a normal ring. It should still work even if the phone is on vibrate, but you will have to listen much better. If your phone is off and you have no idea where it is then the best thing to do is to go through your house systematically, starting with the place that you most likely suspect will contain your lost mobile phone.

If you go through systematically enough you should be able to find your phone eventually. HTC Pi looks like a pretty cool phone. I recommend that you try and figure out exactly where you lost your mobile phone by doing a mental reconstruction of that day. Once you figure out where you lost it you will be able to figure out if you are going to find your lost phone. I know that there is nothing that I can do to help, at least.

The thing is that we do not work for a cell phone company so we do not have access to information that might prove useful to you in finding your phone. Also, if you live outside the United States I am unsure that they have the same laws about the records that a cell phone company must keep about the location of a cell phone when it makes a call. It could be that you could find your lost mobile phone by going through all the places that you might have misplaced it and looking for it there.

If this does not produce your phone then I think you might be out of luck. I know that stinks to hear but I am afraid it might be the truth. Using GPS tracking to locate a lost cell phone only works if the phone has a tracking program installed and it is on. I already reported the incident to the police but I am not sure if they can really help me. Hey, I lost my samaung j It has a mobile tracker but I do not know how to locate it. It was lost on my way from town to school. I just can not remember where exactly.

It was an anniversary gift and had lots of emotional value to it. Hey, I lost my EnV3. I think my phone has been stolen! It is still on, well it is still ringing. I have all my Info on the phone. Unfortunately, I only have helpful tips and no answers for where your phone is. I always recommend trying to retrace your steps to see if you can find your phone that way. IT has been incredibly helpful for me in finding much more than just a lost cell phone.

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Also, if you have a GPS tracking application installed on your phone you could always try to use that to find out where your phone was before it shut off. This can be helpful in finding out where you last put your phone or in letting you know the actual location of your phone in real time. I am sorry that this is happening to you! I would look into cell phone tracking or car tracking device. Either should work for what you need it for.

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The car tracking device will cost much more expensive but it will also be more covert. A cell phone will be cheap free! I lost my phone on my ringer was off and I walked around for 6 hours and could not find any trace of my phone. The phone is [phone number redacted] Please help me!!!!! Sorry, but there nothing that I can personally do to get you your phone back. I really wish there was. Since Loopt is a social tracking application, I would do one of two things.

The first is to get a hold of one of your friends that has Loopt too and ask them to pull up your phone and find out where it is. If your location is on Loopt then just go there and find your phone. I have been lost my mobile. I am sorry that you lost your Samsung — those can be really nice phones. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any assistance in helping find it. I hope that you can find it!

How To Find A Lost Cell Phone With GPS Tracking – GPS For Today

What do i do?? If you are certain it is around your house somewhere there are a few different things you can try. The easiest is trying to give yourself a call from another phone. If your phone is still on and the ringer is turned on as well you will be able to hear the ringing cell phone and discover its location. This is probably the easiest way to find a lost cell phone.

If that does not work or the phone is not on, then I recommend mentally and physically retracing your steps until you find your phone. Start with the last time you remember having the phone and then work from there. Eventually you should find the cell phone unless someone else moved it, stole it, or hid it.

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Are you people incapable of reading. It has been stated more than once. Or is rading comprihension right out the window? I understood what he put the first time. How do I track it? Or is this even possible? Unfortunately, if the GPS function was not turned on when it got lost or stolen you are out of luck. I know a lot of people turn off the GPS function on their smart phones because they drain battery life, but if you left it on you are in good shape.

Assuming that you left it on the next thing that you need is some sort of GPS tracking software installed on your iPhone. In other words, you need a special app for that. Either way, if your app has some sort of web interface where you can access the information concerning the whereabouts of your phone you can do that and you will find the lost cell phone. You will have to revert back to finding it the old fashioned way by backtracking your steps. Unfortunatly i lost my blackberry pearl well i didnt actually lose it i misplaced it to be exact, and i still have not found it. So HELP would be greatly appreciated!

If you guys can do that with your GPS navigation system that would be awesome!

Find Your Lost Android Phone Without Installing An App

Today, August 4th I have unfortunately lost my cellphone, which is a Nexus One. I even called it a few times but it is turned off. And my question is how do I use this GPS from my computer?

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So is there any way I can track it down?! Should I just call my cell phone provider people? I lost my iphone and it does have gps but i dont know how to access it. It dosent have any apps to help ie. I have been tracking it via a couple reverse phone number sites, such as intelius.

How do I, or the police find the phone since he is using it to text and called 3 pages of numbers for the first 5 days after taking my phone. I am worried the police will flub things, as they took forever to make a report at Chicago Greyhound, instead of first coming with me to look for the guy who walked away after asking to use my phone. If they just call the phone he may throw it into a lake etc-God forbid.

How To Find A Lost Cell Phone With GPS Tracking

Thx for ur comments n thoughts. First of, I am so sorry that your phone got stolen like that! People can be such jerks. As to your question about intelius. Most of the time I expect these things to be scams because I am not too certain how they get a hold of the location information on your phone. I would think the privacy policy of your cell phone company would keep that safe!

I wish things were different, but I think that is going to be the way that it is. I wish I could help you, but there is nothing that I can do. Do you have any social tracking applications on your phone like Google Latitude? If you do it could really help you out here.